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Award shows

An award ceremony you won't forget

A successful awards show should be a spectacular event. Provide your guests and the trade press with an unforgettable and rousing award ceremony that will be talked about for many years. Pre-show receptions, big-stage shows, aftershow parties – the event professionals from SES will design, coordinate and organize all of this for you.

Red carpet surrounded by plants, cordage and lighting

An award show gives the award value and importance

The award should never become a dust collector. SES ensures the dust never collects from as early as conception and replaces it with authenticity.

Bright background of a stage, stage design

Who is to be awarded? Why? And what for?

These are the first questions SES asks. And only when we have an adequate answer can a concept be drawn up.

Woman on red carpet is photographed by many photographers

The award & fame

An award has quality when it is coveted and when it is reported on in the press, both before and afterwards. Award shows designed and staged by us are an amplification, rather than imitation, of previous events.