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Creative concepts for trade fairs, congresses, events, award ceremonies, galas, fashion shows, road shows, tours, concerts

The message you want to convey through your event or exhibition stand is the basis for the concept we create. We never develop run-of-the-mill concepts, but rather ideas that will make you stand out and leave a lasting impression. A detailed, individual, creative and somewhat different event concept.

  • A concept to match your core message
  • Development of the look, feel & function through a single source (room design from floor to ceiling, materials, staging elements, event furniture, route planning, etc.)
  • Written documentation of the overall concept and all its elements in words and pictures
  • Visualization of the entire setting with all its highlights
  • Implementation planning

The result: a concept that delivers a tailor-made, unique event or trade fair appearance.

Planned exhibition stand in front view

SES event conceptions are a basis for decision-making

A unique and valuable conception is the basis for a successful event. There are three prerequisites for this:

  1. Courage for new ideas.
  2. Willingness for try different paths.
  3. Confidence in experience.

Graphic & design by Emine Arin-Sanftleben

Floor of a planned exhibition stand with top view from above

Graphic & design by Emine Arin-Sanftleben

3D view of a planned event space