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Concert organization

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome ...

A concert isn't just an artist's 90 minutes on stage. It requires long-term planning and concert organization: permits - coordination - security concepts - GEMA (the performance rights society) - ticketing - concert conception - concert planning - stage management and countless other aspects. The artist's work is to perform. And in order for the performance to be a complete success, the artist needs professionals backstage. The event professionals at SES will design, coordinate and organize all of this for the artist.

Concert stage with band on stage and audience

The eye listens too

Good musicians are the basis. But the audience also wants a visual experience. SES combines music and visual experiences to deliver an exciting event.

FOH in concert hall - mixing console with arena in background

The person at FOH

The best musicians, great singers and a perfect show. But the person at the mixer is an amateur and the sound is a mess! SES ensures that you have a professional in this position so that your sound is music to the ears.

Case with glued running order on stage with equipment in background

Professionals are essential

With years of experience with concerts of all styles of music, SES speaks the language of musicians and artists.