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Fashion Shows

Fashion needs more than a shop window. Fashion needs a stage!

Fashion show organizers need daring to host extraordinary shows. Become even more adventurous so that the industry goes on talking about your spectacular fashion show long after the event. We stage fashion shows that sweep the audience and retailers off their feet, leaving them captivated. The event professionals at SES will design, coordinate and organize all of this for you (location, technology, models, stylists, choreographers, make-up artists, aftershow parties, procedures, hotels, shuttle services, catering, etc.)

Catwalk with seats around it before fashion show

A fashion show is more than just models on the catwalk

A fashion show puts your creative ideas in the spotlight. The models present your ideas. And SES creates the spectacular setting for this.

Walking models on the runway

A slightly different fashion show

SES turns a fashion show into a surprise event for the visitor. As soon as they enter the location, visitors and the trade press should feel that they are about to experience something very special and very spectacular.

Audience looking after a model on the catwalk

After the show is before the show

When the show is over, leaving your visitors captivated, we go one better and stage your creative fashion ideas seemingly inconspicuously, but even more spectacularly, at the aftershow party. The festive character is not lost – on the contrary.