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Gala events

We didn’t reinvent the gala, we just stage them in a new and unique way

Gala events are often interchangeable and stuck in old patterns. Unimaginative design leaves the audience bored. For this kind of gala, we are the wrong contact. If, on the other hand, you want to captivate your audience until the very last second and, as the host, be showered with praise and applause, then SES is the right producer for you. SES event professionals will design, coordinate and organize all of this for your gala.

Festively set and illuminated tables

We give the words gala and event the value they deserve

Rather no gala than a bad or second-rate gala. We don't mess up, we dress up, because we want to do justice to these words.

Festively set tables with stage in the background

Gala events = appreciation

The conception and implementation of a gala event must take into account many different sensitivities. By taking all these sensitivities into consideration, SES ensures that this is the case.

Festively set and decorated table

The program

We do not allow any repetitions. We stage every gala event from scratch, ensuring there are no reruns. At SES, we only design for categories A and B.