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Tour organization

It's all just rock and roll

Organizing a tour for a band, orchestra or theater ensemble is a complex challenge. The conception and logistics must be planned long-term and precisely (artists & crew, technology & equipment, transport, hotels, appointments, coordination with the venue, permits, etc.) If something unexpected happens, it’s always on tour! In order to be able to manage this, your tour organization belongs in the hands of professionals with many years of touring experience. The event professionals at SES will design, coordinate and organize everything related to your tour.

Nightliner (tour bus) with arena in background

With SES you tour first class

Every tour is always a mental and physical effort for everyone involved. SES ensures that no-one goes hiking in their flip-flops – we organize the most comfortable hiking shoes.

Tour manager making phone call in front of stage


SES plans tours with a time buffer. The critical point is always the fixed arrival time at the venue. And this point in time is also fixed with a time buffer. At SES, we know why!

Tour trucks driving side by side

Professionals are essential

SES ensures that only professionals work on each section of the tour. Touring is hard work. But it's fun when everyone knows what they're doing.