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Event organization

Conception, planning, organizing, implementation and staging, from A to Z

Event organizers are the hosts of an event with external responsibilities – for this you need professional event organization behind the scenes. The event professionals at SES will design, coordinate and organize everything for you so that you, the organizer of an extraordinary and spectacular event, can shine.

View of an event with large stage through a smartphone

Event planning

In close cooperation with you, we interface with all phases of the planning – from the development of ideas and the conception to the final implementation and staging. For this, we create the necessary detailed schedules of all timings and responsibilities.

Cases and rigs during the setup of an event

Project and event management

After planning comes preparation. We select and brief all the required service providers. We control all the parties involved and ensure the precise timing of the entire process: technology, location, logistics, event construction, helping hands, personnel, catering, etc.

Guests at tables with stage in the background during an event

Project & event management on site

We are on site from the moment the caretaker unlocks the door for assembly to the moment the door is locked again after dismantling. You experience nothing more than an event that runs exactly according to your ideas.